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Jesus + my people + all the Red Bull + words= life

Basically, you need to know that I am a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a Sephora...I mean enigma. This Enneagram 1 (perfectionist) is an imperfect wife, mother to two littles, and middle school Literacy teacher. I am never enough, but Jesus is. I'm an introvert who would prefer to avoid people, but for Jesus, I use my words to love others well. When I'm not writing, I am keeping the little people alive or teaching the tweens to read good and do other stuff good too. You can also find me snuggled up with a good book (usually YA), listening to a podcast (Popcast and The Bible Binge), fangirling (Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls to name a few), or playing volleyball when I deign to get off the couch.

Thank you for being you and being here.

People who love words and truth and kindness are my favorite.

Welcome to my tribe.