Navigating the 30’s: A Call to Arms

A several years ago (three as of a couple of weeks ago) I begrudgingly entered that tenuous territory of my thirties, and with that, has come the internal and external noise of adulting.   On an average day in my life, my monologue sounds a little something like this:   To two children: “Please don’t…

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Sharing is Caring: Surviving Infidelity

  When I was six months pregnant with our first child, my husband had an emotional affair.   The people who needed to know at the time knew, and I was quiet not because of shame…but more out of desperation. I knew I needed to expend my energy seeking help from the only true source…

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Lessons in Grief

    All signs pointed to grief and embracing it this week. I could not escape it. Grieving was in usually cheerful Instagram stories, podcasts, and even on Disney Jr. (Fancy Nancy) for Pete’s sake. When a theme keeps popping up where it hasn’t before, it usually means I have something to learn.   And…

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